Vikas Gupta REACTS to his sudden eviction from Bigg Boss 14’s house

At Bigg Boss’s house we recently witnessed how Vikas Gupta was ousted from the show because his act of violence towards Arshi Khan was not tolerated. As there is absolutely no tolerance for violence in Bigg Boss 14’s home, he was severely punished. However, we have a soft corner for him as Arshi has been hitting him since the day he walked into Bigg Boss’s house.

Due to the regular attacks, Gupta was so annoyed that she pushed Arshi into the pool and was shown the door. While it certainly came as a shock to everyone, it also left the former competitor injured. As he talked about the same thing, he went on to talk about it saying, “Yes, I’m outside Bigg Boss’s house. I isolated myself so that I could think about what happened. I was hurt by someone I know. I was also in a state of vulnerability and I made a mistake, I am punished. Pray and hope for good things to happen.

In an interview, he said that this time it was absolutely him who won the trophy. Before it was in it for various reasons every other time, this time, it is needed more than ever. But now his sudden eviction has shocked everyone.

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